next online Marketing Session will be Friday, June 11th at 9:00AM

YOU'RE INVITED! Join the meeting at: THIS LINK
(Your properties must be on TotalCommercial to be presented)

You can join by computer, tablet, smart phone or just by telephone.
(It's a good idea to click the link now to make sure everything is set up for the way you will want to participate.)



Bring your property flyers and your wants & needs and be ready to make a deal!!

(Your Properties must be on TotalCommercial.com to be presented)


"I just wanted to share with you how valuable the monthly marketing sessions have been to me over the last year. I have closed two investment properties that were presented at meetings and I have three offers open on other properties that were presented. I think these meetings are the most valuable opportunity that CFCAR/CCIM offer. Thanks for all your help and hard work."        Jerry McGratty